width: 10%; Manufacture and Export of High Quality Indonesian Teak Furniture, Bali Bamboo Furniture, Bali Rattan Furniture, Fabrics, Fashion Accessories, Interior, Exterior Balinese Decor and Home-wares, Balinese Handicrafts, Bali Pottery, Ceramics, Bali Stone and Wood Carving Products. Our New Address is: Eastpoint, Unit 55/42-46 Wattle Road Brookvale 2100 Corner Mitchell/Wattle Rd Entrance off Mitchell Road Create your very own Bali home sanctuary Discover Sydney's LARGEST RANGE of Balinese furniture Our prices are low because we deal direct. width: 9.090909091%; Or You could reach me on Whatsapp for quick response. .sp-wpspro-col-sm-4{ Our qualified quality control team will make sure all of your orders are in desirable quality. } The RRP against which any savings comparisons we make to the listed sale price for products displayed on this website is: the supplier's recommended retail price for the product, provided that this is a price at or above which at least 5% of … @media (min-width: 990px) and (max-width: 1100px) { .sp-wpspro-col-sm-2{ width: 19.9%; .sp-wpspro-col-md-10 { color: #629770; Meanwhile, the clothing is all 100% cotton. This online shopping company has been created to cover the direct, fastest shopping online supply for personal, family, … Bali Products provides overseas buyers seeking to find and purchase quality products with a complete one-stop wholesale sourcing & buying agency service. .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product a.sp-wqvpro-view-button{ .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .slick-list { margin-left: -8px; Indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturer. .sp-wpspro-col-sm-5{ .sp-wpspro-col-lg-7 { width: 24.9%; } Welcome To Balietrade. We present the easiest way to our customers in doing their handicrafts business in Bali. } width: 12.5%; .sp-wpspro-col-lg-3{ .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product-cat a:hover{ .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .slick-next{ width: 19.9%; ... Shopping Bali is a Balinese arts online shop that aims to create shopping experience in Bali … .sp-wpspro-col-sm-8 { #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product .wpsp-product-image{ width: 11.111111111%; } @media (max-width: 650px) { My Favorites is your online portfolio for saving swatches and room scene photos to reference on your design journey. width: 49.9%; width: 12.5%; Please contact us to get our products prices lists. color: #ffffff; line-height: 19px; .sp-wpspro-col-md-4{ } } .sp-wpspro-col-lg-2{ border-color: #ffffff; When your Bali Homewares business presenting strain and stress to you, we are here to help you. Custom Designed Neoprene Bali STUBBY HOLDERS - cooler printed for your wedding bucks or hens parties, t-shirt, Banner, Caps, stickers, production house Location In Kuta. letter-spacing: px; line-height: 19px; **Please note that not all products available online are available in the stores. .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product-title a:hover{ We source from producers that focus on making and purveying local products. The food always arrives fresh, and I love the fact everything is wrapped in banana leaves, not plastic. } } Online Store: www.yoliandotis.com Offline Store: Jl. } .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product-title{ border-color: #dddddd; .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product { /* md */ .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product:hover .wpsp-product-image{ display: none !important; Love Shopping Bali new products - Halaman 60. We stock one of the largest imported and locally manufactured home decor and gift ranges in South Africa. color: #629770; When you feel beautiful, you are. width: 24.9%; } }Sorbet Strawberry LargeRp80,000Beef RendangRp240,000Vegan MayonnaiseRp86,000 Rp75,000Bell Pepper FocacciaRp44,000Saffron Rose LassiRp42,000Lemon YellowRp14,000Hair Coloring – GoldenRp122,500Pink LaceleafRp73,500Mixed Salad OrganicRp15,000Bumi Sehat Donation – VCO 5L Organic CertifiedRp340,000Oil Raw Virgin Coconut 5LRp850,000 Rp340,000, Also get our weekly updates on what’s new and special deals. Shopping Bali + Category . .sp-wpspro-col-md-5{ All our recipes and further detailed product information can be found on our main site which can be accessed via the link in the menu. }/* Responsive CSS */ width: 33.2222%; width: 8.333333333%; padding: 0 45px; } width: 11.111111111%; #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199.wpsp_category_theme_one .wpsp-cat-item:hover a.wpsp-cat-name{ We cater private buyers, hotels, resorts, villas, interior and garden decorators, wholesalers and retailers of home appliances, furnishings, clothing, gifts store etc. Bali Trading sells Home Decor, Furniture and Gifts Wholesale to Retail Stores. .sp-wpspro-col-md-3{ All of our products are direct Bali imports from the makers themselves. We produce custom made furniture and accessories that are consumable, simple and modern. } Bali e-trade is an online wholesale store, buying agent and sourcing agent especially for Bali homewares and other Bali Products as well as Bali Home decor items. We source from producers that impact positively on their communities and environment. .sp-wpspro-col-md-9 { } Beautiful products for beauty drawing on local produce and Balinese herbal traditions. Online Wholesale Store For Bali Homewares, Bali Home Decor and other Bali Products. line-height: 24px; Let us know if you need special packing method or materials and special certificates or treatments for your shipment to meet your Country’s regulations. #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199.wpsp_category_theme_two .wpsp-cat-item a.wpsp-cat-name{ Tours. Uma and Leopold background-color: #333333; Women. } Bali Batik Product is an online catalog for all of our products. Men. They are always very responsive to queries as well.”, “As a wife and a mother, I’ve always wanted to serve my family delicious healthy meals at home. Welcome to BALI STYLES - online BALI PRODUCTS store BALI PRODUCTS STYLES is an Exporter, Designer and Manufacturer Company of all kinds of Bali handmade products style such as Bali Sterling Silver Jewelry products, Bali Garment and Textile products, Bali Handicrafts products, Bali Teakwood Furniture products, and Bali Paintings and much more of Bali Products … Bali Boo is a business built on the principles of providing ethically made, sustainable and eco-friendly products to combat the use of plastics. } This means that we have our own unique range to cover all your Bali online shopping needs. .sp-wpspro-col-md-7 { With plastic waste at an all-time high, we champion one of the best alternatives for the environment in the form of bamboo straws , coconut bowls and other utensils such as reusable bamboo … Products used in Asian spas range from local herbs and spices, essential oils, … } } A Supplier on Alibaba.com. Order Now » SMS : 081805409444 ketik : Kode - Nama barang - Nama dan alamat pengiriman . .sp-wpspro-col-sm-10 { text-align: center; We try to feature as many products as possible including Balinese furniture, teak furniture, synthetic rattan furniture, rattan furniture, Balinese handicrafts, stone carvings and many more! Bali bras are beautiful and sophisticated with classic styling. .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section{ width: 19.9%; Jimbaran store selling Bali hand made natural bath and aroma products along with amenity trays/set, towels, linen, souvenirs and gifts Bali Cool Products Come in and browse: WhatsApp/Call us on +62 812 3666 1126 border-radius: 0%; .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .slick-prev:hover, Your order to our company means you’re supporting Balinese and Javanese craftsmen and women with their families. } Rp (Hubungi CS) Contact Us. You could explore and review their products through our online catalog which be updated regularly. font-size: 14px; width: 14.285714286%; The home of Bali Garden NZ is a nine hectare property in Matakana just 45min north of Auckland CBD. #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199.wpsp_category_theme_two .wpsp-cat-item:hover a.wpsp-cat-name{ } We provide various products from natural real rattan, synthetic, wood, and metal furniture. width: 100%; I love using Bali Direct and I tell all my friends about it.”, “This service is fantastic. } .navigation_position_vertical_center #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product{ Proudly Australian made, all Bali Body products are made in our hometown of Melbourne All our products are 100% vegan friendly & cruelty free, strictly tested on Bali Body Babes only. } width: 8.333333333%; width: 16.6667%; Orders are delivered quickly and the fruit and vegetables are always wrapped in compostable banana leaves. /* lg */ letter-spacing: px; Proudly Australian made, all Bali Body products are made in our hometown of Melbourne All our products are 100% vegan friendly & cruelty free, strictly tested on Bali Body Babes only. } } Bali Balance passionately advocates the simple philosophy of creating products that are fresh, natural, and superior in quality, while respecting Bali’s people, culture and environment. text-transform: none; font-family: Open Sans; Rp 200.000 . Local village Balinese craftsmen are permanently … color: #629770; We managed this website to allow you to visit our showroom in Bali from your convenience home or office. line-height: 19px; color: #3f9655; font-family: Quicksand; } Kids. background-color: #e99b05; font-size: 22px; Our services are covering all aspects in making your buying business as easy as you could imagine. Our aim is to make finding and buying products from Bali and Indonesia as … } } /* sm */ width: 10%; You'll love the simple elegance, comfort and fit of Bali intimates. We provide complete manufacturing and products sourcing service for various Bali homewares and other Bali products. Living Art. Share favorites and easily order your preferred samples from the available swatches. color: #ffffff; Pantai Berawa No.12a, Tibubeneng, Bali Phone: +62821-4629-2007 Instagram: yoli_and_otis. Our showroom and office is based on the Paradise Island, Bali, which well known as the favorite vacation destination in the World. } width: 16.6667%; Entdecke eine große Auswahl an stylischen Artikeln, hergestellt direkt in Bali. width: 9.090909091%; .sp-wpspro-col-sm-3{ Our quick guides for all your pantry needs and recipes show you how easy it is to create a wide range of meals with a small number of ingredients at a very reasonable cost. Yes, please send me email about special offers, new products, and promotions for Bali) Get more with a Bali Favorites Account. Orders will only be processed once a final written proforma invoice is sent to you by Sourcing Bali and deposits have been paid. The staff is always punctual, honest, friendly, and so reliable, and it’s a pleasure to see the drivers every time they arrive with a delivery. Or If you have your own agent or have been cooperating with a shipping Company, we will cooperate with them with pleasure. text-align: center; Production takes generally one month. We established this Company in 2012 to … .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .slick-next:hover{ .sp-wpspro-col-sm-11 { This site is a direct link to our company and can be used to view product catalog, request price and any other information and place product order. Bali … color: #ffffff; background-color: rgba(196,196,196,0.21); .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .slick-dots li button{ .sp-wpspro-col-lg-11 { Bali food passion company is the online shopping company that provides services in selling and distributing imported fresh groceries straight directly right in front of the customers’ door. WELCOME TO RATTAN BALI. Share favorites and easily order your preferred samples from the available swatches. color: #629770; Yuni Bali Furniture is furniture manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia. } } Customer’s satisfaction is our main goal. } .sp-wpspro-col-lg-5{ } Jewelry. } .sp-wpspro-col-md-2{ .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .slick-prev, margin-left: 8px; } OneLove is your partner for sourcing the outstanding handmade and unique products of Bali - whether you are a hotel, private buyer, shop or designer looking to source products unique to your needs we can help make your buying trip to Bali easy.. Bali today is a hot … Rattan Bali is a local owned and Bali based workshop producing rattan furniture and accessories. .sp-wpspro-col-lg-12 { width: 100%; } } #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199.wpsp_category_theme_one .wpsp-cat-item a.wpsp-cat-name, } .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product-cat{ color: #444444; #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199 .wpspro-item-load-more span { “A big thank you to the team at Bali Direct for supplying amazing food for my family here in Ubud. } And when they met us and use our services, they only need at most a week with us to arrange everything and most of the time used to selected the products line’s they need to purchase for the season. A list of Bali Spa products available to buy online today and save. } } We hide the products prices in our catalog for some reasons, please kindly contact us to get our price lists. #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199 .wpspro-pagination ul li .page-numbers.current, We source from producers that are transparent about the way they work. width: 10%; } .sp-wpspro-col-lg-8 { Customers look to Bali bras to feel confident and look their best, in bestselling styles like Double Support and Flower Bali & in contemporary styles like Bali Lace Desire. The store’s packaging is made from recycled products, which uses less energy and water. Here you will also find lush tropical Balinese inspired gardens, extensive palm gardens, luxury accommodation retreat and a working horticultural business.. Bali garden is a direct importer and has been sourcing beautiful artisans products from Bali … In The News “If you want to … .sp-wpspro-col-lg-10 { text-align: center; letter-spacing: px; } } color: #ffffff; width: 16.6667%; background-color: #629770; width: 9.090909091%; .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product a.sp-wqv-view-button, We are supporting by well experienced and professional staff, complete service, facilities, fast, efficient, and competitive prices will ensure you have come to the correct place and see how your money is workable. width: 14.285714286%; We hope that you enjoy scrolling through our website, looking through our range of Balinese Statues, Furniture, Wall Art, Garden Decor and countless other products. width: 12.5%; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; In The News “If you want to … text-transform: none; } #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199 .wpspro-pagination ul li .page-numbers:hover, } .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product-title a { #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199.wpsp_category_theme_two .wpsp-cat-item a.wpsp-cat-name{ #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199 .wpspro-item-load-more span:hover { letter-spacing: px; color: #ffffff; width: 8.333333333%; } Shop. background-color: rgba(255,35,35,0.5); Discover the latest collection for men and women. .sp-wpspro-col-md-6{ .sp-wpspro-col-sm-1{ Bali Body products contain naturaly derived ingredients & are suitable for all skin types Shop @balibody View All. +62 812 3863 9525 | View Cart #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199 .wpspro-pagination ul li .page-numbers, background-color: transparent; width: 11.111111111%; .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product-price del{ width: 33.2222%; .sp-wpspro-col-sm-6{ Bali Body products contain naturaly derived ingredients & are suitable for all skin types Bali Products brings the very best retail and wholesale products, household furnishings, fashion, home accessories and gifts from Bali and Indonesia, and gives them to the world. Our customers before met us, have to stay in Bali at least 45 days to control everything and make sure all went well. background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); Order from Bali Direct and receive free delivery to your doorstep. color: #5e5e5e; Bali Box; Butters, Jams & Spreads; Chocolate & Cacao; Coffee & Tea; Dairy Products; Dried Fruits; Easy Meals; Eggs, Tempe & Tofu; Flour; Fresh Seafood; Frozen Fruits & Gelato; Gift Voucher; Honey & Sweeteners; Meat & Seafood; Muesli & Granola; Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Beans; Oil, Vinegar, Dressing; Pasta, Noodle, & Rice; Pet Products… @media (min-width: 650px) and (max-width: 990px) { GRHA - Bali Products Online, Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting handicraft, home accessories and 1 more Products. font-family: Quicksand; }#wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199 #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section{ width: 14.285714286%; font-family: Quicksand; font-size: 16px; 5, Denpasar Barat, } .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product-cat a{ Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80117, The Assortment of Bali Handicraft Products, Songket, an ancestral Bali handmade crafts, Bali Wood Carving Business is intercepted by Raw Materials Limitations. } color: #78ba87; Their great range of products just keeps getting better!”, “I love the organic products and commitment to no plastic. } width: 50%; color: #955b89; background: transparent; padding-right: 2px; We are not an exporter but we will cooperate with a Bali Shipping Agent to ship our customers order to the selected Main Port destination. Some products here, we have some stock available for immediate delivery but most handicrafts are made to order. .sp-wpspro-col-md-8 { BALI-BALI steht für faire und handgemachte Mode. Jalan Mudu Taki III no. border: 2px solid #dddddd; } Product: Contact Us: Price : Rp (Hubungi CS) View Detail . Browse all products from HEARTLAB Bali. } #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199.navigation_position_vertical_center .slick-prev{ } Wonderful holiday gift buying, home & decor items, Buddha & deities, silver & gems jewelry, textiles galore, all treasures from Bali and beyond! .sp-wpspro-col-lg-6{ .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .slick-slide { Yes, please send me email about special offers, new products, and promotions for Bali) Get more with a Bali Favorites Account. .sp-wpspro-col-lg-4{ } .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .slick-dots li.slick-active button{ width: 50%; } THE BATBOY CLAN (BLACK AND WHITE EDITION) $ 245.00 Bali Body products contain naturally derived ingredients & are suitable for all skin types Shop @balibody View All. margin-bottom: 8px; Shop our range of designer shoes, bags and accessories today on the official Bally online store. Food. text-align: center; .sp-wpspro-col-sm-7 { Thank you for buying our Bali Crafts products. } .sp-wpspro-col-md-12 { Health. } margin-left: 8px; .sp-wpspro-col-lg-1{ } .wpsp-slider-section #sp-woo-product-slider-pro36199.wpsp-product-section .wpsp-product-price{ } .sp-wpspro-col-sm-9 { width: 24.9%; border-color: #ffffff; By Pass Tanah Lot No 88x Canggu – Badung 80351 Bali, Indonesia, +62 812 3863 9525 info [at] balidirectstore.com, © 2014 Ubud Direct | Design and Development by Gaia Design, Sign up to get 10% off your first and every 10th order, that brings local producers to your doorstep”, Bumi Sehat Donation – VCO 5L Organic Certified. #wpsp-slider-section.wpsp-slider-section36199.wpsp_category_theme_one .wpsp-cat-item a.wpsp-cat-name{

Granuloma Da Spina, Cartina Sentieri Recoaro Mille, Dottor Dolittle Film Completo Italiano, Nicole Rossi Collegio Età, Il Significato Del Convivio Testo,