Unieuro's P/E tells us that market participants think it will not fare as well as its peers in the same industry. 2014 Restyling. If you look at the image below, you can see Unieuro has a lower P/E than the average (10.1) in the specialty retail industry classification. La dolce vita - Bunte Magazine. You can click on the image below to see (in greater detail) how Unieuro's past growth compares to other companies. spot. Fiumicino Tourism; Fiumicino Hotels; Fiumicino Bed and Breakfast; Fiumicino Vacation Rentals; Fiumicino Vacation Packages; Flights to Fiumicino; Fiumicino Restaurants Lella Baldi. Spot video Unieuro. Audiointervista a Marco Castelluzzo Presidente UTET Grandi Opere. We can tell from its P/E ratio of 5.44 that sentiment around Unieuro isn’t particularly high. ADV Host&Var SS 2020. BIT:UNIR Price Estimation Relative to Market April 28th 2020 February 27, 2020 This article is for investors who would like to improve their understanding of price to earnings ratios (P/E ratios). Since the market seems unimpressed with Unieuro, it's quite possible it could surprise on the upside. Or for Unieuro: 0.085 = €47m ÷ (€1.5b - €974m) (Based on the trailing twelve months to November 2019.) Unieuro's current ROCE of 8.5% is lower than its ROCE in the past, which was 29%, 3 years ago. Nivea comunica Instore con Adsolutions Gdo. View our latest analysis for Unieuro . Is Unieuro's ROCE Good? Infusi Twinings: dove mi porteranno - spot - 25" Unes -Viaggiator Goloso - Campagna Natale 2020; Ritter Sport - new cacao selection tv commercial 30" Unieuro - Natalissimi campagna 2019; Activia spot - Cosa c'è nella giornata di Federica Pellegrini ? Il Consiglio di Amministrazione di Unieuro ha esaminato e approvato il Rendiconto intermedio di gestione al 30 novembre 2020. 28 Maggio 2012. 23 Aprile 2012. It appears that Unieuro's ROCE is fairly close to the Specialty Retail industry average of 9.1%. 5 Novembre 2019. BIT:UNIR Price Estimation Relative to Market, March 11th 2020. ORAL - B- GET READY, GO ELETTRIC; Unieuro - Fuoritutto campagna 2020 Unieuro's P/E tells us that market participants think it will not fare as well as its peers in the same industry. Setting aside the industry comparison for now, Unieuro's ROCE is mediocre in absolute terms, considering the risk of investing in stocks versus the safety of a bank account. Spot_Unieuro_Natale_2020 - Advertisement - MOST POPULAR. Following the acquisition of the Unieuro brand by the then SGM Distribuzione, in 2014 the historical electronics brand was rebranded with a new coordinated logo and image, by Future Brand Italia.. Arriva online Libreriamo, bookzine per la promozione della lettura. So, Unieuro has an ROCE of 8.5%. One way to assess ROCE is to compare similar companies. BIT:UNIR Price Estimation Relative to Market April 28th 2020. To keep it practical, we'll show how Unieuro S.p.A.'s ( BIT:UNIR ) P/E ratio could help you assess the value on offer. This makes us wonder if the business is facing new challenges.

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