Quality assurance is a mutual activity and every member should take the initiative in maintaining the highest quality … Who can be held legally responsible for dental assistant's actions? I hate to tell you, but the message is wrong. The worker stated he/she was responsible. Who is responsible for overall quality assurance in a dental practice? The shipping and receiving department? The quality control personnel on the line? This also implies there is an organizational responsability to enable developers to have high quality standards defined and to adhere to those standards. The Development Team, as quality means delivering the increment right, ie, an increment that meets the definition of "Done". Quality and safety are a responsibility of everyone in the food chain and not just the manufacture. Responsible means having some control over the outcome or having an obligation. Beyond the marketing, there are consumers who buy and consume the products. Every section manager should be responsible for the quality of their section of the works. The quality engineer, or quality manager, is appointed to assist the supervisors and section managers to monitor and record the quality, and to ensure the required quality systems are implemented and followed. Quality: Quality is generally defined as the totality of features and inherent or assigned characteristics of a product, person, process, service, and/or system that bear on its ability to show that it meets expectations or satisfies stated needs, requirements or specification. all of the above. The industry actors act under guidelines and regulations imposed upon their activities. Accountable is the person who must justify or answer for the results. That doesn’t mean accountable. It is preferrable to defer delivery than to reduce quality. Very few of us take issue with providing scientifically proven diagnostic and treatment interventions for our patients. Who of these people is responsible for quality in your business? Quality has largely become an alternate phrase for evidence-based medicine. Everyone that is involved in the creation of a deliverable (documentation, code, etc) is responsible to adhere to all quality standards. The CEO may be accountable for quality, but if they are the only one responsible, you’re headed for a big problem. The Scrum Master, as he/she is responsible for helping the Product Owner and the Development Team deliver a quality increment. We reiterate that quality is scrum is not one person's responsibility but the entire team must join hands to identify issues, accept and work towards resolving the same. Dental records must contain documentation of the _____ of dental images taken. Dentist. It’s very easy to find the responsible one. If you want to learn more about Scrum do scrum master certification at StarAgile or call us on +91 – 80502 05233 In today’s IT field, software becomes more and more complex. Having one person focus on the management of this important … It may be the fault of a tester, manager or developer. A photograph in Life magazine many years ago—maybe when I was a kid—got stuck in my brain. The sales force? They too are responsible for the quality and safety in many ways. The answer is “All of them”, and “Everyone”. A favorite quality slogan is, “Everybody’s responsible for quality.” It has a zillion variations, but the message is the same. Quality objectives: Monitoring the quality objectives (clause 6.2) that have been established and reporting this to top management is another traditional role of the quality manager. Both the dentist and assistant.