This is such fantastic detail. It incorporates highlights. Playing Styles and COM Playing Styles were first introduced in PES 2014 and replaced the Playstyle Cards from previous games.. Team Roles – The role a player has within his team (duh!). question are you going to get rid of those annoying regens like messi 16 years 69 overall and buffon 15 overall 57 or those players with predefined faces are untouchable? Olivier Giroud is already adept at “heading” so you can either choose to focus your training attention on areas he’s not proficient in (dribbling or speed), or hammer home areas he is already good (heading and physical contact) with the hopes of making them elite. I prefer skills like Mid Range Curler that are more practical in execution and more beneficial to the team. Interesting approach. See more How can I report a cheater in eFootball PES 2020? Even if you focus on increasing Giroud’s speed (66), is it really worth focusing your training on speed just to get it from a 66 to a 67? In this simulation, he’s 26 and approaching his 27th birthday. But, frustratingly, it could have been even better. You can only play against players who are playing on the same platform as you. They vary for each ability. PES 2017 Next Season Patch 2020 - Released 20.07.2019 Leagues Premier League Sky Bet Championship Ligue 1 Ligue 2 Serie A Serie B Eredivisie LaLiga Santander LaLiga 1 2 3 ... PES 2017 DpFileList Generator by Baris You can only train one player at a time while regular “training” can be applied to your entire team. 83 SHT 96 STR 71 DEF. Typically <75, Yellow – Abilities where your player is average. Once you’ve acquired this skill, you’ll be notified in your Messages. I don't do it blatantly but if I see a guy that's DEF not nearly as good as the game thinks I'll drop them a lot. I drop them mostly into the lower 70s. I'm planning to do this after I'm happy with my option file so I can do it once and have it last the entire year. In mastering action on the pitch eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 got the hard part right. Let me ask the PC pros here, so when I download a mod then, say PTE or PesGalaxy. 2020-07-23. Experience immersive gaming at every step in eFootball PES 2020 with BlueStacks. For example, if you would like to train your attacking midfielder to be a “creative playmaker” (a player who takes advantage of gaps in the defense to initiate attacks and assists in shots on goal) you can choose to do so. PES 2020's smartest skills focus on subtle shifts of weight and quick changes of direction. Can I play eFootball PES with people in the US or South America? Why: Simply put - more options. Just as in real life, nothing beats actually playing when it comes to development, but be careful with your loans. PES 202 Update 1.08 and Data Load 8 are nowavailable We do not know the size of the download, however it should be a small update. While in theory this could increase your overall rating, it will send training focus points to areas you might not necessarily need, like goalkeeping abilities for an outfield player. I'll base it off of FM, some websites and Youth WC results. This plentiful selection can be overwhelming to the new player, so to help with that and ensure the best get even better, I've put together this PES 2020 formations expert guide. A lot of default training settings are set to balanced: As you can see, balanced incrementally improves every ability/attribute in one area. R. Sterling. Announced back in August 2019, Konami and eFootball PES 2020 signed an exclusive partnership with UEFA EURO... Enthusiast Gaming, Inc. | All Rights Reserved | Terms of Service. In part two, we’ll see how this player progression system stacks up in four areas: realism, consistency, depth and enjoyment. This will result in more money in your pocket to use for player transfers or player wages. He’s a star player so if he’s in the lineup and plays well, more fans will show up and more merchandise with him will be sold. I'd prefer seeing Chiellini 33/34 instead of 35 and not having to see him as a teenager in a random team in the second or third season. With RPG elements sprinkled in, there’s enough to keep the most detail-oriented virtual manager busy. Realism – A Natural progression from physically maturing – Yes […] For example, if you are using a PC to play eFootball PES , you will not be able to play someone who is playing on PlayStation®4 or Xbox One®. Here you will see three different options: Before we dive too deep, it’s important to understand the concepts of how players are rated. It doesn’t matter which option you choose because either way you’ll eventually be faced with one of the most robust and detailed player progression systems in all of the sports video game genre. If your player needs 45 days to acquire the Fighting Spirit skill, it won’t matter if he’s playing or sitting on the bench/in the stands. In this two-part series, we’ll first get a grip on what’s involved in training. Konami isn't changing regens till next Gen (if even) so taking things into my own hands: Step 1: Every player in the game aged 15,16,17 is getting a pretty decent manual stat boost (unless they are already good) Not only do you get medium (M) boosts for player conditions in key matches (think derby matches), you also get boosted training for players with the same registered position. Both Messi and Ronaldo are the best players in PES 2020, with a 94 overall rating. Here is how it all plays out using Chelsea’s Olivier Giroud (ST/CF): As you can see, Giroud is a 34-year-old CF with the “Post Player” playing style. 98 SPD 93 DRI 88 PAS. Context: LONG time PES player with an anti-regen plan for ML that I've used parts of for years. How would I implement this again later on if I edit it now? Even if/when your players decline over time due to age, they will still maintain their skills. They can be changed during training in Master League in order to change how your player grows/improves in specific abilities. Additions and updates ・ New/updated face models ・ New/updated player pictures ・ New manager pictures They are only active in their compatible positions and one can be allocated per player. Because players are constantly improving over time, new skills will become available to them. Red – Abilities where your player is weak. 2020-07-16. Makes sense, right? is really the key to training and getting the most out of your players. So it’s important that when you’re notified, you set up the next person. Does the QB still drop back and.back on Madden 21 Next Gen? It doesn’t matter which option you choose because either way you’ll eventually […] Can I play eFootball PES with players on different platforms? It’s no secret that competition breeds a better product. Through more playing time (I stopped rotating keepers) and a focused training time that will see him develop a new Team Role, I should exceed his expected progress at age 28. About Featured Players *Featured Players obtained in eFootball PES 2021 are only usable in eFootball PES 2021. Great article! SICK ****! 4. If it’s overwhelming — and it very well may be for certain people — you can always just rely on the tried and true formula of playing time + good match performances to ensure that your players will improve over time. Can I play eFootball PES with players on different platforms? *In-game player club data is frequently synchronised with real world football data through PES Live Updates. Can I have compensation because of server disruption in the online modes of eFootball PES? Youth team training works the exact same way that regular training works with one key exception: playing time and match performances are not factored into things here. Featured Players are available in PES 2020 myClub for one week each. Disclaimer, This is an unofficial companion app for the game eFootball PES 2020 / Winning Eleven 2020 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Our opinions as a community won't get through Konami employees unless we cause some media journalists movement. Thanks for the writeup. Tying everything together in one screen is the Development Sheet under the sixth tab in player info. Focused Training is particularly helpful when you have a player who is really poor in one area, and you want to really improve it even if it’s at the expense of other attributes/abilities. Step 2: About to retire? However, you can learn new positions by playing a left winger on the right wing. LWF. One good thing about skill training is that playing time and match performance do not matter. 3. What we really need is bombarding social media and let us be heard, starting by Adam Bhatti and all the Konami Official and Pes Official accounts. The wrong loan could prove detrimental if they don’t actually play (you can check to see if they’re actually playing by going to Database – Team Information – Team – Player Records). eFootball PES 2020 has many in-game information and items that have an important role in the game. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. When it comes to setting their training settings, it’s important to keep in mind what role you envision the player in what kind of player you want them to be. More about PES 2020 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER Take total control of every action on the pitch in a way that only the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise can provide! I wish Konami gave us an option to turn off regens or at least randomize their name, stats and stupid old man faces. Form/Condition Arrows – Determined by the player’s form ability, these arrows indicate what kind of state the player is in: Typically, you would want to avoid playing players with a terrible condition form. Ok, the gameplay is awesome, but there are things that can't go on in 2019, like the ML Regens. ... Open your folder where are regen faces pictures. The higher the player’s impact, the stronger the Team Role they develop. on a 40-99 scale. This means that when Messi retires, all players have to do is find a 16 y/o player called Messi and he's theirs to sign. I think that it depends on how much you value your money. The PES 2020 database on PES Master includes 26693 players across 610 teams. I'm an avid ML player and I go deep every year so the couple of weeks this takes me early makes my entire experience fantastic in the end. After a period of time, the player will adjust to that new position and new training settings/roles can open up. This will have a direct affect on what abilities he will focus on in hopes of improving them. … PES 2019 Regens - Ex Arsenal Players XI Jeff. ... PES 2020: How to Install Official Team Names, Kits, Logos, Leagues & More (PS4) - Duration: 4:55. Because your youth team players are not gaining actual experience from matches, you’ll have to focus on what kind of role you think they will eventually land-in and hope that they develop physically over time. PES is into the field with their new and improved game play. Any way how I can save a file like that for later and then simply load it into an existing mod? Only the best players (Messi, Ronaldo, etc.) Is it confirmed that old players spawn back in the academies as 16/17 year olds still? Essentially these guys, combined with all the young players already in ML should stop the regen issue from being too big a deal at least for maybe 5-10 seasons. The chart on the right tracks progress over time with age (time) on the X axis and overall player rating on the Y axis. Guys like Messi are tough because I can't really lower Messi tbh but usually I go like 5 seasons and Messi ins't really a factor by then. Play eFootball PES 2020 with the Eco Mode enabled and your PC will utilize minimum resources in each instance. Be it Playing Styles, the Formations and Tactics, Skill Moves of players, or Datapack upgrades. Be sure to check out part two where I grade out PES’ training system in areas such as realism and depth. PES 2017 Next Season Patch 2020 Season 2019/2020 Micano4u team released new patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. As you can see here for Kepa, his Impact has grown nicely while his personality has also rounded into shape. Levels help to increase the effect. A player’s Team Role will determine their Personality and their Impact on the team. Context: LONG time PES player with an anti-regen plan for ML that I've used parts of for years. Step 4: Unlicensed players are renamed. It’s a long read but hopefully you got something out of it. Usually, the youngest guys in ML had horrorific ratings and thus never really progress. The training is a little overwhelming at first coming from a lifelong FIFA player but your article breaks it down perfectly. The issue is it doesn't seem possible to edit ML's. Why? These concepts will appear frequently in this series, so it’s vital we understand them as they can help or hurt you during the course of your Master League. Why: The good thing about Edit mode in PES is that it affects ML even after you've started so I can keep things fresh this way. 96. In part one, I broke down eFootball PES 2020‘s player training development system. Because you can only train one person on your team at a time, it’s important to choose your skill training wisely. As a Post Player, Giroud’s abilities are targeted as follows: A good rule of thumb is to look and see what your player is currently good at. PES tends to overrate a lot of older players. I'll leave them as Free agents or assign them to their club teams. I apreciate your good will, but man, it's about time we rally against Konami. When this same process happens in FIFA, a regen player is created Lastly, if your General is also your team’s captain, you’ll earn a special effect of reduced fatigue for the entire team. Why note make a joint option file to do all this little things and fix the regens problem as much as we can? All the old guys are going down big time UNLESS they truly are still at that level. Abilities are broken down into three color-coded categories: Playing Styles – Individual behavioral effects that influence a player’s movement. PES 2010 was the first edition to include youth teams. Playing time and good performances (match rating of 6.5 or higher) will lead to more breakthroughs. Efootball PES 2020 Best Players in 2030 90 rating 86+ Efootball PES 2020 Best Players in 2030 90 rating 86+ Skip navigation Sign in. - FEATURED PLAYERS MyClub featured players of the week. 85 SPD 90 DRI 89 PAS. PES 2020 is a fun and engaging football sim. Typically 90-100, here are uniforms parts being pulled from, eSports Boxing Club Reveals 55 Fighters on Current Roster, Some Features & More, LOOKING For Next Gen LEGIT Sim Lg Xbox NG, NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters. EFootball PES 2020 PC Sport is their nineteenth release of PES establishment. Every club had a youth team where these Master League Youth players would feature in. I still do not recommend using the balanced training setting, but sometimes if the player is good enough to sign and go out on loan, it might be worth it to do so. are already going to decline. Forwards. Lastly, for a player like Giroud let’s look at his Team Role: Giroud is a “Star Player” on Level 3 with the following Personality traits: As you can see, his Impact is about half-filled, and as result of him being a Star Player, you receive the following Basic Effect: “Fan-Favorite” bonuses impact your finances, specifically how much match money you accumulate. In order to properly critique the training system in PES, it’s important to understand how it works. Abilities – These are your traditional values such as Finishing, Speed, etc. Anyway, another step could be to make the older players a couple year younger so they retire and become regens later. High FPS . Team Role Effects – The effects of players with specific team roles on your teammates. It's the only way we're gonna be heard. The higher the level, the more the boost to increase: Team Roles also have star ratings with more stars being better. 16/07/2020 The eFootball PES 2021 Season Update is currently available for pre-order. Players can choose to start up with real clubs or the default fake Master League players. Personally, I think the willingness or desire to do this project depends on how much you play ML. Weekly gatherings won't talk about how much people disliked ML, just about release revenue and overall direction for a successful game launch. CMF. Real-Time Translation . Many will find this way too much work but I thought I'd share for those that may find it useful. UEFA Euro 2020 update pack for eFootball PES 2020 will be released in spring 2020 and will have all the national teams (50 national teams) and players to PES 2020 to be playable in EURO 2020 game mode featuring the qualification and final rounds of UEFA EURO 2020 competition. Advice: Ways to combat Regens in PES 2020 Master League. Training (Focused/Team Role Based)  + Playing Time + Good Match Performances (match ratings) = Increased Player Progression in the form of abilities and/or playing skills. All PES 2020 attributes, positions, playing style and cards are accurate. PES 2020 Overview. Now if the guy is still playing top level football and is good I'll largely leave them untouched. 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Tailoring them towards your game plan, formation, etc. They feature boosted stats compared to the regular 'cards' and can only be obtained using 'Special Agents'. Lastly, sometimes players will make “breakthroughs” that are indicated by a blinking upward blue arrow. Konami isn't changing regens till next Gen (if even) so taking things into my own hands: Step 1: Every player in the game aged 15,16,17 is getting a pretty decent manual stat boost (unless they are already good), Why? As a result, a defined “Team Role” will develop that can positively impact the team and his teammates by determining their Personality. Experience the thrill of playing eFootball PES 2020 in your local language.